Pallet delivery in Europe



EuroPallet Hub: The online pallet, large parcel carriers and on-time palletisation service offering Economy pallets and large parcel deliveries throughout the Europe and to and from the UK. We have over 50 years experience in the road transport industry, we have access to a fleet of over 6,000 vehicles.

Our web-based consignment shipping solution services the whole of Europe, The UK and Ireland including almost all non-mainland addresses.

Please use our Quick Quote facility to obtain a price. Our prices are based on collection postcode (Postal Zone), delivery postcode (Postal Zone), and pallet height & weight.



Economy consignments will be collected within 2 working days and deliver within 5 working days (Weather permitting). This service is available to all parts of Europe.

Normal delivery hours are 9 am to 5pm, Monday - Friday.

Please note that we are unable to give approximate collection/delivery dates or times for consignments on an Economy service.


Our Tail-Lift Service

Maximum Weight for a tail lift delivery or collection is 800kg.
In order to collect or deliver a pallet using our tail lift service the pallet base must be a four way standard pallet, we cannot collect two way pallets using our tail lift and pump truck service. Our tail-lift service is ideal for residential addresses and businesses that don't have a fork-lift truck to load and unload goods delivered on pallets.

Where a tail-lift is requested, the vehicle will be equipped with a pallet truck (a manually operated hydraulic lifting trolley) which lifts the pallet a couple of inches off the ground enabling it to be wheeled to the vehicle's rear tail-lift. The tail-lift is then raised to the level of the vehicle's deck by an electric motor, so that the pallet can be wheeled into the vehicle. A tail-lift service is available on collection and/or delivery, and there is no extra charge for this service.


All goods collected from a European destination must be securely palletised.

For an additional £25 + VAT, we can provide an empty pallet on collection.(UK Only) The goods to be palletised must be securely packaged and protected for transport prior to collection. We are unable to package goods for transport; all we are doing is placing the item(s) on a pallet base and wrapping with shrink-wrap. Damage to goods not securely packaged or protected for transport may not be covered by our insurance.

The collecting driver has the right to refuse to collect if he deems the item unfit or unsafe for transport.

This is ideal for one-off shipments of heavy or bulky items or multiple item consignments which it may not be practical, possible or cost-effective to send as large parcels.

There is a 70 kg limit for each single item that needs to be palletised and a maximum of 50 items: It is important that the goods can be manually lifted and secured to the pallet in a timely manner.

The driver may help to secure the item(s) to the pallet.


Pallets should not exceed the standard size of 1000 mm x 1200 mm, and must be within the height and weight maximums for the size entered, as below. Goods must not overhang the pallet edges.

Pallet Base

Pallet Length: 120 cm / 1200 mm / 1.2m / 48" Pallet Width: 100 cm / 1000 mm / 1.0m / 40"


Maximum Height: 200 cm / 2000 mm / 2m / 79" Maximum Weight: 1200 kg


Maximum Height: 110 cm / 1100 mm / 0.9m / 43.5" Maximum Weight: 500 kg


Maximum Height: 80 cm / 800 mm / 0.6m / 31.5" Maximum Weight: 250 kg

The goods MUST fit within the dimensions for the pallet size specified ( See Further Information for more details).

Oversize Pallets

See Further Information for standard pallet sizes. We are able to ship pallets that exceed the standard dimensions or contain goods that overhang. However, these are charged at one pallet space or part thereof. To process such a consignment, please enter the number of pallet spaces as though they were separate pallets and specify "1 x Oversize" in the further info' box below the collection address.

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